This page relates to our Mothers side of the family - with the Wilson's in bold relating directly to us. For example:
Our Mother = 4th Generation, Her Father = 3rd Generation, and so on.
There are a few gaps, which I hope to fill when information becomes available to me.

NOTE: I have not put in marriages etc for all the children, only the ones relating directly to us, as they are quite extensive.
The abbreviations are as follows:
(b)Born, (c)Christened, (m)Married, (d)Deceased, (bu)Buried

5th Generation
        Ellinore 1971 Ellinore

  • Jane Ellinore Wilson: ....... Our Mother
    (b) 4 August, 1915. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    (m) 5 November 1938, Ontario. (m) 26 January, 1946. Ventnor, Isle of Wight
    (d) 24 May, 1995. Titahi Bay, New Zealand
    (bu) Whenua Tapu Cemetery
  • 1st Douglas Herbert Stuart. 2nd Russel Henry GINN:

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4th Generation
  • Philip Valentine Wilson: ....Grandfather
    (b) 14 February, 1885, East Oro near Orillia, Canada
    (m) 24 March, 1910. Petrolia. Ontario, Canada
    (d) 31 December,1971. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    (bu) Mt Hope, Arran, Elderslie, Bruce, Ont, Canada
  • Kathleen Florence MACKENZIE: (Cally)
    (b) 7 June, 1880, Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
    (d) 1956, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    (bu) Mt Hope, Waterloo, Ont, Canada

    Philip remarried Dale ? (no details as yet) Dale died 11 April 1992

    Kathleen and Philip had 4 children

Francis, Ellinore, Marion and Albert - approx. 1924 The 4 children

  1. Albert Frederick Wilson
    (b) 18 December, 1910
    (m) 21 September 1940. Lillian O'Connor
    (d) 24 March, 1993
  2. Francis Philip Wilson
    (b) 17 May, 1912
    (m) 27 July 1946. Laetitia Marion Joy.
    (d) 17 July, 2008
    (bu) Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto
  3. Jane Ellinore Wilson - (twin)
    (b) 4 August, 1915
    (d) 24 May, 1995
    (bu) Whenua Tapu Cemetery
  4. Kathleen Florence Marion Wilson - (twin)
    (b) 4 August, 1915
    (m) 20 April 1940. John M Connell. Waterloo, Ont, Canada
    (d) 30 December, 1991. Petrolia, Ont, Canada

Albert Francis

Albert Wilson and Francis Wilson

Death details here for -   Francis Philip Wilson  

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3rd Generation
  • Albert Andrew Wilson: ....... Our Great Grandfather
    (b) 7 February, 1858. Medonte, Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) 15 February, 1882. Barrie, Ontario, Canada
    (d) May 1944. Bolton, Peel, Ont, Canada
    (bu) Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto
  • Marion Helen Isabella KEATING:
    (b) 29 February, 1855. Isle of Man, England
    (d) 28 November, 1927. Castlenock Church, Toronto

Albert and Marion had 7 children

  1. Philip Valentine Wilson
    (b) 14 February, 1885. East Oro near Orillia, Canada
  2. Walter Wilson
    (b) 30 April, 1886. Oro, Simcoe, Ontario
  3. Cathleen / Kathleen Helen Wilson.(Downs Syndrome)
    (b) 27 December, 1888. Oro, Twp, Simco
  4. Dorothy Darling Wilson
    (b) 25 December, 1891. Oro, Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) 12 January, 1928. Wilfred Humphrey Marsland. York Ont, Canada.
  5. Ilena L Wilson
    (b) 9 December, 1893. Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
  6. Richard Llewellyn Wilson
    (b) December 1894. Ontario, Canada
    (m) 10 September, 1921. Collingwood, Simcoe, Ont. Sophie Stewart Oliphant
  7. Agatha Alice Wilson
    (b) 8 September, 1897. Oro, Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) 15 July, 1924. York, Ont, Canada. Harry Herbert Gould
    (d) 5 April, 1928. Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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2nd Generation
  • Andrew Wilson: ....... Our Great, Great Grandfather
    (b) c1808. Ireland
    (m) 17 February, 1840. Residence of Andrew Wilson
    (d) 24 November, 1895. Oro, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
  • Jane Eliza McVity / McVittie:
    (b) c1824
    (d) 2 January, 1896. Oro, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Andrew and Jane had 7 children

  1. John C Wilson
    (b) c1841. Oro, Simcoe, Ontariio, Canada
    (d) 1924. (bu) United Church Cemetery, Cookston, Simcoe County
  2. William Cecil Wilson
    (b) 4 November 1843. Oro, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
    (m) Jane Eliza Sanders. 7 February 1871. Wentworth Ont, Canada
    (d) 27 January, 1923. Oro, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
  3. Jane Matilda Wilson
    (b) 3 March, 1845. Oro, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
    (m) Edward Thomas Herrick Allingham
    (d) March 1911. Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
  4. Harriet Wilson
    (b) 1854. Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
    (d) 5 December 1926. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  5. Henry Philip Wilson.
    (b) 30 April 1854. Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
    (d) 28 July, 1937. Ontario, Canada
  6. Albert Andrew Wilson
    (b) 9 February, 1858. Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
  7. George Thomas Wilson
    (b) 5 August 1862. Oro, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
    (m) Joannie M WIlliamson. 3 June 1903
    (d) May 1944

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1st Generation
  • Rev John Wilson: ....... Our Great, Great, Great Grandfather
    (b) c1764. County Derry, Northern Ireland
    (m) September, 1801. Co, Galway, Ireland
    (d) 2 April, 1848.
  • Jane Crampton:
    (b) c1760

Andrew and Jane had 4 children

  1. Philip Wilson
    (b) c1804. Ireland
  2. Nicola Wilson
    (b) c1805. Ireland
  3. John Wilson
    (b) 1806.
    (d) 1888. Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
  4. Andrew Wilson
    (b) c1808. Ireland
    (d) 24 November, 1895. Oro, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

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