This page relates to our Mothers side of the family - with the Wilson's in bold relating directly to us. For example:
Our Mother = 6th Generation, Her Father = 5th Generation, and so on.
There are a few gaps, which I hope to fill when information becomes available to me.

NOTE: I have not put in marriages etc for all the children, only the ones relating directly to us, as they are quite extensive.
The abbreviations are as follows:
(b)Born, (c)Christened, (m)Married, (d)Deceased, (bu)Buried

6th Generation
        Ellinore 1971 Ellinore

  • Jane Ellinore Wilson: ....... Our Mother
    (b) 4 August, 1915. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    (m) 26 January, 1926. Ventnor, Isle of Wight
    (d) 24 May, 1995. Titahi Bay, New Zealand
    (bu) Whenua Tapu Cemetery
  • Russel Henry GINN:

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5th Generation
      Philip Philip
  • Philip Valentine Wilson: ....Grandfather
    (b) 14 February, 1885, East Oro near Orillia, Canada
    (m) 24 March, 1910. Petrolia
    (d) 1971, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    (bu) Mt Hope, Waterloo
  • Kathleen Florence MACKENZIE: (Cally)
    (b) 7 June, 1880, Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
    (d) 1956, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    (bu) Mt Hope, Waterloo

    Philip remarried Dale ? (no details as yet) Dale died 11 April 1992

Canada Map

    Kathleen and Philip had 4 children

Francis, Ellinore, Marion and Albert - approx. 1924 The 4 children

  1. Albert Frederick Wilson
    (b) 18 December, 1910
    (m) Lillian O'Connor
    (d) 24 March, 1993
  2. Francis Philip Wilson
    (b) 17 May, 1912
    (m) Laetitia Marion Joy. 27 July, 1946
    (d) 17 July, 2008
    (bu) Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto
  3. Jane Ellinore - (twin)
    (b) 4 August, 1915
    (d) 24 May, 1995
    (bu) Whenua Tapu Cemetery
  4. Kathleen Marion - (twin)
    (b) 4 August, 1915
    (m) John M Connell
    (d) 30 December, 1991

Albert Francis

Albert Wilson and Francis Wilson

Death details here for -   Francis Philip Wilson  

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4th Generation
  • Albert Andrew Wilson: ....... Our Great Grandfather
    (b) 9 February, 1858. Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) 15 February, 1882
    (d) ?
  • Marion Helen KEATING:
    (b) 29 February, 1856. Isle of Man, England
    (d) ?

Albert and Marion had 7 children

  1. Philip Valentine Wilson
    (b) 14 February, 1885. East Oro near Orillia, Canada
  2. Walter
    (b) 30 April, 1886
  3. Kathleen / Cathleen Helen Wilson
    (b) 21/27 December, 1888. Oro, Twp, Simco
  4. Dorothy Wilson
    (b) 25 December, 1891
    (m) Marsland
  5. Lena L Wilson
    (b) 9 December, 1893
  6. Richard Wilson
    (b) December 1894
  7. Agatha Wilson
    (b) 8 September, 1897
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Oscar Wilson 3rd Generation
  • Oscar F Wilson: ....... Our Great, Great Grandfather
    (b) 21 October, 1823. Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
    (m) 21 July, 1844. Walsingham, Talbot
    (d) 6 November, 1889
    (bu) Wilson Family Cemetery, Lyndoch, Norfolk, Ontario
  • Diantha RICE:
    (b) 7 June, 1825
    (d) 1870

Oscar and Diantha had 7 children

  1. Albion Wilson
    (b) 29 April. 1845. Walsingham, Norfolk, Ont
    (m) Mary Lavinia / Levine Boughner
    (d) 11 April, 1918
    (bu) Oakwood Cementary, Simcoe
  2. Alice Wilson
    (b) 1849. Simcoe, Ontario
  3. Elsie Wilson
    (b) 1853. Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) Harrison
  4. Philip Wilson
    (b) 1855. Simcoe, Ontario
    (d) 13 October, 1884
  5. Ella / Ellie Wilson.
    (b) 1858. Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) James E Walker
  6. Albert Wilson
    (b) 9 February, 1858. Simcoe, Ontario
  7. Henry F Wilson
    (b) 14 July, 1860. Walsingham
    (m) Emma Myers
    (d) 29 February, 1930
    (bu) Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe

Oscar Wilson remarried on 2 February 1872 to Rebecca ROBINSON. Waterford, Norfolk. Rebecca was born c1851 (probably Canada)

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Fanny Wilson
2nd Generation
  • John Wilson:
    (b) 6 December, 1795. Lodi, Seneca Co. New York
    (c) 20 March, 1796. Harlingen Ref.Du, Montgomery Twp, Somerset, New York
    (m) 19 January, 1819. Ovid, Seneca, New York
    (d) 10 December, 1854. Walsingham, Norfolk, Ontario
  • Fanny or Frances BARTHOLOMEW:
    (b) 3 September, 1803. Lynedoch, Norfok, Ontario, Canada
    (d) 18 June, 1885. Walsingham, Norfolk
    (bu) Wilson Family Cemetery, Walsingham, Norfolk, Ontario

John and Fanny had 13 children

  1. Edgar D Wilson
    (b) 19 December, 1819. Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) Sarah Ann Whitaker. 26 September, 1843. Avon.
    (m) Nancy Barton. 19 December, 1887
    (d) 17 January, 1902. Bayham, Ontario
    (bu) Eden Cemetery, Ontario
  2. Melissa Ann Wilson ------Melissa was a midget and slept in a cradle
    (b) 28 November, 1821. Simcoe, Ontario
    (d) c1836
  3. Oscar F Wilson
    (b) 21 October, 1823. Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) Diantha Rice. 21 July, 1844
    (d) 6 November, 1889
    (bu) Wilson Family Cemetery, Lyndoch, Norfolk
  4. Esther / Ester Wilson
    (b) 3 February, 1826. Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) Daniel Beemer Goble. 3 October, 1844
    (d) 25 December, 1893
    (bu) Avon Cemetery
  5. John Bartholomew Wilson
    (b) 24 December, 1827. Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) Mary Ann Aker / Acker. 7 May, 1851. Talbot District, Ont
    (d) 8 September 1911. Wyecomb, Norfolk, Ontario
    (bu) Wilson Cemetery, Lynedoch, Norfolk
  6. Susanna Wilson
    (b) 9 March, 1830. Simcoe, Ontario
    (m) John E Whittaker. 30 April, 1848
    (d) c1910
  7. Sarah Jane Wilson
    (b) 24 April, 1832. Simcoe, Ontario
    (d) before 1852
  8. David V Wilson
    (b) 13 July, 1833. Windham, Norfolk, Ontario
    (m) Orilla Rice. 27 December, 1853
    (d) 3 September, 1905. Walsingham, Norfolk
    (bu) Lynedoch Cemetery, Watford, Ontario
  9. Olivia L Wilson
    (b) 9 March, 1836. Simcoe, Norfolk
    (m) Ira Wilson. 30 December 1852 (of another Wilson family)
    (d) 13/14 February, 1914. Scranton, Greene, Iowa
    (bu) Scranton, Greene, Iowa
  10. Lewis B Wilson
    (b) 28 November, 1837. Norfolk, Ontario
    (m) Jessie Reid. 19 September, 1857
    (d) 14 May, 1903. Ontario, Canada
    (bu) Lynedoch Cemetery, Norfolk
  11. James Henry Wilson
    (b) 29 January, 1839/40. Townsend, Norfolk, Ontario
    (m) Fanny Hunter or Sarah Ann Kellum? 15 February, 1864
    (m) Sarah An Parker. 23 October 1905 at Waterford
    (d) 13 May, 1925. Walsingham, Norfolk
    (bu) Tillsonburg, Ontario
  12. Annie / Ann B Wilson
    (b) 7 July, 1842. Townsend, Norfolk, Ontario
    (m) Leander Basil Harvey. 12 November, 1857
    (d) June, 1909. St Thomas, Ontario
    (bu) Pioneer Cemetery, Watford, Ontario
  13. Samuel B / Daniel Samuel Wilson
    (b) 2 January, 1846. Simcoe, Ontario
    (d) Before 1852. (probably Canada)

John and Fanny lived in the Lake Geneva N.Y area until about 1830 when they moved to Canada. They were not Loyalists. On their way, they stopped for a short time at the Niagara River and while playing with other children, their oldest son, Edgar, rode down the river bank and out on the ice while lying on the sleigh. When the sleigh stopped, it was on the very edge of the ice with the front end over the open river.

John and Fanny settled first at Round Plains which is near Waterford. Later they moved to Five Brigades, now called Townsend Centre. On account of the prevalence of malaria fever, because the land was very swampy, they next moved to Walsingham township on the road between Wyecombe and Lynedoch. This farm is still in the Wilson family. This was in 1847. He bought from the Canada Company who had taken it from the Crown. When they settled there this land, like the rest of this distrcit, was virgin forst from which they had to hew themselves out a place for a home. This first home, like the homes of other pioneers of this time and area, was a small log shanty. They said it stood near the site of the family cemetery which still exists, the stones having been set up in two rows.

On 10 December 1854, the family sustained a great loss at the death of the father. many of the descendants remember their grandmother, Fanny Bartholomew Wilson and the beautiful Christian life she lived. She was always ready to testify of Him who died for her and rose again, and whose sustaining power and presence was her comfort down throught the years. She passed out of this life 18 June 1885 in the 82nd year of her life, and was carried by her six sons to her last resting place beside her husband, in the little burying ground on the old farm. The funeral service was based on Psalm 116, verse 15, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints'"

In 1927, there were then living over 500 descendants of John and Fanny Wilson.

When Fanny died in 1885 she had 72 grandchildren and 39 great grandchildren.

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1st Generation
  • Abraham Wilson:
    (b) 13 November, 1756. Geneva New York
    (m) 11 September, New Jersey
    (d) 24 August, 1813. Seneca, New Jersey
  • Susannah (Suky) LOWE:
    (b) 19 February, 1762. Hillsborough Tsp, Somerset
    (d) 4 July, 1830. Lake District NY
Abraham fought in the revolution and moved back to Lake Region after he married.

NOTE: Abraham and Susannah's data is from a family Bible that was in the possession of Frank Wilson of Stamford township. (That was in 1929)

Abraham and Susannah had 7 children

  1. Abraham Wilson
    (b) 24 May 1788. New Jersey
    (m) Hester Bartholomew
  2. Albert Stoothuff Wilson
    (b) 6 November 1789. Lodi, Seneca Co. NY
    (m) Sally Bartholomew
  3. Anne
    (b) 29 April 1792. Lodi, Seneca Co. NY
  4. John Wilson
    (b) 6 December, 1795. Lodi, Seneca Co. New York
    (c) 20 March, 1796. Harlingen Ref.Du, Montgomery Twp, Somerset, New York
    (m) Fanny Bartholmew. 19 January, 1819
    (d) 10 December 1854. Walingham, Norfolk, Ont
  5. Peter Vroom Wilson
    (b) 23 June, 1800. Lodi, Seneca
    (c) 27 July
    (d) September 1882
  6. Anne Wilson
    (b) 30 October, 1802
    (c) 28 November
  7. Jane Voorhees Wilson
    (b) 13 July, 1805. Somerset, New Jersey
    (c) 11 August

After Abraham married Susannah they moved to the Finger Lakes district of Upper New York state.

NOTE: Most of these names and dates have been taken from the Canadian Census Records 1901 and 1911 and from the District - Simcoe North. Town - Collingwood - and a family Bible as mentioned earlier

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