My Tribute to our Mum


Ellinore Ginn

"Our Wonderful Mother....
who loved Fantasy, Colour and her family"
by her daughter Margot
Ellinore Ginn - poet, actress, artist, founder - and mother to 5 daughters..Margot, Joanna, Diana, Victoria and Adair and her 11 grandchildren Mark, Melanie, Mitchell, Angela, Roa, Joseph,
Clyde, Eve, Mana, Hina and Rita.

She was an extremely shy person and never one to sound her own horn. So this page is my attempt to - hark! listen! and say - there was an angel in our midst.

With over 45 years of exhibiting paintings in New Zealand and overseas, our amazing mother had her fair share of struggles and heartbreaks, to get to where she wanted to in life. Mum loved so many people - and always wanted to give out to them .. either paintings, knick-knacks, or to do a complete swap. One day, it was a painting in exchange for a new corset, another day a new antique for her best painting and so on. Somehow, Mum always came out on top. I think it was the 'Do have a Gin dear' she used to say to them, when they arrived for afternoon tea or lunch. Dad was most amazed with all the things that 'appeared' every so often, around the house. But it was a wonderful home and full of character.

She also loved to paint her friends 'beautiful faces' as she called them, because it made her happy and they in turn loved her. Growing up as one of 5 girls, we all probably didn't realise how lucky we were to have such a warm and caring person in our lives. Her 11 Grandchildren and her 5 daughters were her 'Eggs in a Basket.' She gave so much of herself to us, so that we in turn can now give to our children...that special bond that we had with her.

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Our Family Home.. and Mum's
artistic touch.

Our house in Titahi Bay always overflowed with colour, life and enchantment. As soon as you walked in you felt it ... even the light was different there. It was tinged with green and gold. There was a joyful collection of ethnic rugs, eclectic furniture, wonderful paintings adorning the walls, and a collection of small objects literally everywhere ....She called them "my little sillies."

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Ellinore's Bedroom
Mum's Bedroom

Ellinore used to sit by the window, dressed in bright gypsy colours. Two large dogs called Elsa and Jedi were at her feet. "Love me, love my dogs," she said to all her visitors when they arrived, after they have been literally slobbered all over and sniffed at by them. "Dogs are dear friends...they are so caring and loving. I've got crazy dogs everywhere in my paintings," she told them. And she had.

One was called 'The Summer of the Long Dog' which was one of her favourite titles. (done many times). They had kind faced dogs, a dove and some other creature that looked a bit like a mouse in it - but maybe it wasn't. Her paintings are full of flowers, children, fictional characters and fantastic creatures. The most common animals were goats, doves, donkeys of some sort, and of course her dogs. Throughout the years, we had labradors, daschunds, terriers, spaniels and finally Elsa-part labrador and Jedi-a part boxer.

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Another View of Bedroom

Her paintings are strongly reminiscent of Chagall, but she denies that she was ever influenced by the French painter. "I think he learned a few tricks from me!" she told reporters with a laugh when they interviewed her.

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