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I have taken the poems of a Spanish Poet Juan Jiménez - about a small donkey living with his master in Spain and his death and life in donkey's paradise. I am attempting to illustrate them in my own childlike way. There are 30 in a story sequence with sections from the poem. The ones shown here are just a select few.    - Ellinore Ginn -

Holly Line

Bianca painting

Bianca Attends Mass

In the evening the Angelus is ringing. The little village girl attends mass. Don José who wears a black hat and coat - is the priest. Sometimes Platero watches in the company of the little girl.

Daughter Charcoal Dealer

The Daughter Of The Charcoal Dealer

The little daughter of the charcoal dealer was a pretty but dirty little girl, who sat in the doorway singing songs to her little brother. Platero lulled by the sweet music, would sometimes fall asleep in the long grass.

The Fishermen painting
Granadilla And The Fishermen

After the October rains there was activity in the fishermen's houses. The men were dressed in a nautical way and wore heavy chains and boots. Granadilla wore a frilled skirt of many colours. She helped with the nets. The great ships of the wine merchants would come to the harbour as the haul of the fishermen was usually oysters, eels and crabs.

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Platero Sick

Platero Is Very Ill

One day the poet found Platero stretched out on his bed of straw. He was very ill and Old Warbon the Doctor who had looked after him was as fat as a watermelon. Poor Platero had eaten some poisonous roots and his eyes were sorrowful.

The Poet Weeps

The Poet Weeps

The Poet weeps at the graveside of Platero. 'Sweet Donkey' he is dead, but the Poet imagines him in a meadow of eternal roses up in the heaven of Moguer.

Platero Heaven

Platero In Paradise/Heaven

Of course the Angels looked after Platero in heaven. It is nice to think that perhaps the little donkey with his soft ears and large beautiful eyes gave rides to the smaller angels, who in turn tickled his ears.

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Join Ellinore Ginn as she tells the story of "Platero and I", which was inspired from a poem and illustrated with Ellinore's beautiful paintings.

The Story Of Platero And I


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