Coat Of Arms Image
Badge: A mountain inflamed proper, signifying zeal. - or - A stag's head cabossed

War Cry: Tullach Ard - ( The High Hill )

Motto: Luceo non uro ( I shine, not burn ) - or - Cuidich'n righ ( Help the King )

Gaelic Name: MacCoinnich

MacKenzie Tartan Image Coat Of Arms Image
Dress Tartan
Coat Of Arms

The Tartan: The regimental tartan of the Seaforth Highlanders, raised by the chief in 1778. The tartan includes green representing forest and field, blue for the sky and free sea, drawn through with white for purity and red for blood and bold fighters. All denotes freedom, fairness, purity, honour and courage.

Coat of Arms: A stag's head on a blue background. The blue denotes loyalty and truth. The stag's head signifies purity.

Significance of the Stag: While on a lonely hunt, the Scottish King was surprised by a large angry stag. Unable to get away, he was in grave danger. When a MacKenzie heard his cries and rescued him, the King gave him lands, a title and the rights to Kintail, the original home of the clan.

This page relates to our mothers side of the family with the Mackenzie's in red relating directly to us.

Our Grandmother = 5th. Generation - Her Father = 4th. Generation and so on.
There are a few gaps, which I hope to fill, when information becomes available to me.

The abbreviations are as follows: (b) Born   (c) Christened   (m) Married   (d) Deceased   (bu) Buried

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5th. Generation

Kathleen MacKenzie Image
Our Grandmother
Kathleen MacKenzie

  • Kathleen Florence MacKenzie (Cally): .... Our Grandmother
    (b) 7 June, 1880 - Petrolia - Ontario - Canada
    (m) 24 March, 1910 - Petrolia - Ontario - Canada
    (d) 1956. Waterloo - Ontario - Canada
    (bu) Mt. Hope - Waterloo - Ontario - Canada
  • Philip Valentine WILSON:
    (b) 14 February, 1885 - East Oro near Orillia - Canada
    (d) 31 December, 1971 - Waterloo - Ontario - Canada
    (bu) Mt. Hope - Waterloo - Ontario - Canada

Kathleen and Philip had 4 children:

The 4 Children Image
Francis - Ellinore - Marion - Albert
Photograph Taken Approx: 1924
1.  Albert Frederick Wilson
(b) 18 December, 1910
(m) Lillian May O'Connor 21 September 1940
(d) 24 March, 1993

2.  Francis Philip Wilson
(b) 17 May, 1912
(m) 27 July, 1946. Laetitia Marion Joy (Molly)
(d) 17 July, 2008
(bu) Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - Toronto - Canada

3.  Ellinore Wilson- (twin): .... Our Mother
(b) 4 August, 1915
(m) 1.Douglas Herbert Stuart, 2.Russel Henry Ginn
(d) 24 May, 1995
(bu) Whenua Tapu Cemetery

4.  Kathleen Florence Marion Wilson - (twin)
(b) 4 August, 1915. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
(m) John Martin Connell 20 April 1940. Waterloo
(d) 30 December, 1991. Petrolia, Ontario, Canada

4th. Generation

  • Christopher MacKenzie: .... Our Great Grandfather
    (b) 15 October, 1836 - Middlesex County - Ontario - Canada
    (m) 1 October, 1867. Middlesex, Ontario, Canada
    (d) 17 February, 1915 - Petrolia - Ontario - Canada
    (bu) Hillsdale Cemetery - Petrolia - Ontario - Canada
  • Katherine (Kate) WHITTINGTON / WEBB
    (b) 27 August, 1848 - Nova Scotia - Canada
    (d) 4 August, 1927 - Petrolia - Ontario - Canada
    (bu) Hillsdale Cemetery - Petrolia - Ontario - Canada
Note: In the 1881 Petrolia Westminster Census it stated that Christopher was a Merchant then in the 1901 Census an Oil Operator. Their son Francis (Frank) was a C. Traveler, son Reginald was a Lawyer and Edward Christopher was a Student. Christopher's death details stated he was a Police Magistrate.

Christopher and Kate had 6 children:

The 6 Children Image
Christopher & Kate's 6 Children
Photograph Taken Appox: 1882
1.  Francis (Frank) Richard David MacKenzie   
     (b) 22 November, 1868. Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
     (m) 27 June 1907 - Marie Carson
     (d) 3 May, 1913. Petrolia, Ontario, Canada

2.   Annie Eleanor (Nell) MacKenzie
     (b) 3 June 1872
     (m) 18 January 1893. William J. Savage.
     (d) 10 December 1951

3.  Reginald George Romeyn MacKenzie
     (b) 20 December, 1873 or 21 December 1874
     (m) 10 November 1909. Winnipeg. Manitoba, Canada - Christine Turnbull
     (d) 28 November, 1950

4.  Katherine Jane MacKenzie
      (b) 21 August, 1877
      (m) 2 November 1904. Herbert Goldie (Budd) - Gait - Ontario -
      (d) 26 April, 1927. Vancouver, British Columnia

5.  Kathleen Florence - (Cally) MacKenzie: .... Front row on left.
     (b) 7 June, 1880. Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
     (d) 1956

6.   Edward Christopher MacKenzie
     (b) 19 May, 1882. Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
     (d) 25 August, 1903. Petrolia, Ontario, Canada

Note: Francis (Frank) Richard Davis was a Commercial Traveller - New York City.
Reginald George Romenyn was a Barrister.
Edward Christopher was a Paymaster for Clurd Steel Co.

The children in the photo are;
   Frank - top right
   Annie Eleanor (Nell) Middle back
   Reginald = Back left
   Katherine Jane - front right
   Edward - back middle. Annie is holding him

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3rd. Generation

  • Rev. David MacKenzie: .... Our Great-Great Grandfather
    (b) 31 December, 1798 - Reay - Caithness - Scotland
    (m) 1830 - Scotland
    (d) 5 May, 1860 - Westminster Twp - Middlesex County - Ontario - Canada
    (bu) Christ Anglican Church - Glanworth
  • Annie DODD:
    (b) November 1809 - Nothumberland- England
    (d) 22 April, 1894 - Petrolia - Ontario - Canada
Canada Map Image
Map Of Canada

Note: David was educated at King's College - Aberdeen between 1817 and 1821; he was appointed schoolmaster of Reay in 1821; pres, by George 1V. 24th. April and ord. 20th. August 1829. Minister of Kinlochbervie - SUT. Deposed 19th. September 1833 for contumacy, and emigrated to America. He received a call to St. Thomas's Church - Presb. of York - Canada. They settled in Middlesex County - Ontario - Canada (near the city of London).

David and Ann had 10 children:

1.  David MacKenzie
(b) Approximately 1832 - Scotland
2.  Mary Anne MacKenzie
(b) Approximately 1832
(m) John Barton Dickson
(d) 10 November, 1900. San Fransisco, California, USA

3.  John MacKenzie
(b) 27 October, 1834 - Middlesex County - Ontario - Canada
(m) 2 June, 1870. Petrolia - Ontario - Canada - Jessie Primrose Dunlop -
(d) 22 August, 1899 - Petrolia - Ontario - Canada ....
(John died of Typhoid Fever.)
4.  Christopher MacKenzie .... Our Great Grandfather
(b) 15 October, 1836 - Middlesex County - Ontario - Canada
(d) 17 February, 1915 - Petrolia - Ontario - Canada

5.  Hughina Barbara MacKenzie
(b) 4 November, 1838 - St Thomas Elgin County, Ontario - Canada
(m) 20 October, 1869. - Petrolia - Ontario - Canada. Julius Nelson Ansley
(d) 7 September, 1905. London, Middlesex, Ont, Canada

6.  Elizabeth MacKenzie
(b) about 1840 - Middlesex County - Ontario - Canada
(m) 18 September, 1862. Samuel Martin Fraser
(d) 3 March,1922. Mid, Ont, Canada

7.  William MacKenzie
(b) 21 November, 1845 - Ontario - Canada
(m) c1869. Margaret Paterson
(d) Approximately 1936 - Toronto - Ontario - Canada ....
(William was a travelling salesman.)
8.  Gilbert MacKenzie
(b) 8 October, 1847. Ontario, Canada .... (Gilbert was a salesman for a Glasgow firm.)
(m) Louisa Patterson
9.  Jane Mary MacKenzie
(b) 27 November 1851. St Thomas, Elgin County, Ont, Canada
(m) Rev. Mark Turnbull - Rector of St. George's Church - Gooderich
(d) 4 November 1933. London, Middlesex, Ont, Canada. Buried Woodland Cemetery

10.  George Mackay MacKenzie
(b) 19 November, 1853 - Middlesex County - Ontario - Canada
(d) 10 December, 1860 - Middlesex County - Ontario - Canada

Note: In 1833 Rev. David Mackenzie and his family left Scotland, coming to Ontario and locating at St.Thomas, where he built the first Presbyterian Church in that city of which he was the pastor for a few years. From St. Thomas he moved to Woodstock. His was the first brick residence built at Woodstock. At the close of his pastorate at that place, finding his health impaired, by the advice of his physician he settled on his farm at Westminster and there his useful life closed. He was acknowledged to be one of the best educated men of his day and spoke both English and Gaelic fluently. Politically he was a Reformer and a subscriber, from its first issue, of the Globe. The Globe was the leading Reform paper of Ontario.

Christopher enjoyed the educational advantages afforded by the public schools of Woodstock. On reaching his majority he engaged in farming at Westminster for twenty years, during which time he cleared up a fine farm, planted shade and orchard trees and erected comfortable and appropriate buildings. His residence and farm were among the finest in the county. This property he sold in 1871 and settled in Petrolia, when the town was almost wholly in the east end. Here he engaged in general merchandising, in which he continued for nineteen years, in the meantime becoming interested in the oil business.

It was in the 1860's that he and his brothers John and William moved from Middlesex to Petrolia - Ontario - Canada where they set up a dry goods business. (Mackenzie & Bros.)

Since 1890, when he disposed of his mercantile business, he has been engaged as an oil producer. This business he entered in 1872 by the purchase of one acre of land, which was in the woods and covered with water, paying for the same the sum of $1,030. Here he put down his first well in 1872. It proved a fine one, producing 100 barrels per day. He is now the operator of seventy-two wells, all under his personal supervision. His lumber business he disposed of to James and John Kerr.

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2nd. Generation

  • John MacKenzie: .... Our Great-Great-Great Grandfather
    (b) Approximately 1760 - Scotland
    (m) Approximately 1785. Latheron, Caithness, Scotland
    (d) 4 April, 1833 - Strathy - Sutherland - Scotland
  • Barbara MACKAY:
    (b) about 1765 - Scotland
    (d) 26 June, 1849 - Strathy - Sutherland - Scotland
Note: Both John MacKenzie and Barbara Mackay are candidates for our family tree, but, there are too many John MacKenzies in Scotland to be able to sort out who belongs to who. Barbara MacKay I think is right, hopefully.

John and Barbara had 5 children:

1.  Hugh Baille MacKenzie
(c) 9 January, 1787 - Dornoch - Sutherland - Scotland
2.  Jean
(b) 20 January, 1798 - Reay - Caithness - Scotland
3.  David MacKenzie .... Our Great-Great Grandfather
(c) 31 December, 1798 - Reay - Caithness - Scotland
(d) 5 March, 1860 - Middlesex County - Ontario - Canada

4.  John MacKenzie
(c) 29 March, 1807 - Assynt - Sutherland - Scotland
5.  Murdoch MacKenzie
(c) 6 November, 1814 - Assynt - Sutherland - Scotland

1st. Generation

  • George MacKenzie: .... Our Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather
    (No information available yet about George.)
Mackenzie Clan Map Image
Mackenzie Clan Map

Map Of Caithness
Map Of Caithness

Caithness is located at the most northerly point of mainland Britain at Dunnet Head.
(This title is usually given mistakenly to John 'o' Groats.)

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