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So many times I wonder what this crazy life is all about. I wonder what trials and tribulations will hit me next. Life to me at times seems that it will never improve, but, then I hear the familiar sound of one of my wonderful children. That wonderful sound makes me realize that I have improved my life, just by having what I have in them. They fill a void in my life and give me strength when I need it most. Their love and understanding completes me.

My children . . . that's what my life is all about.    Mum ( Margot )

"Judge your success by the degree that you're enjoying peace, health and love."
Quote By: H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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I have grown up with a passion for science, in particular Astronomy, and have always tried to bring together the concepts of science and spirituality, if you will....the grand unified theory of the universe! ...... Eve
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2005 - My experience on the set of 'Lord of the Rings'.
I played many of the King Theoden's fighting Rohans and as an elf I fought the good fight at Helm's deep alongside the young Elrand in the prologue, but spent most of my time in the very uncomfortable armour of the Gondorians. Sometimes, if I was lucky, I got to wear the best costume - a ranger! ...... Mana

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Please email me for information about Ellinore's grandchildren.
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