Ellinore Ginn: CV of a New Zealand Artist
Author and the Founder of Porirua Little Theatre

Ellinore 30

Jane Ellinore Ginn

BORN: 4 August 1915 - Canada

DIED: 24 May 1995 (Aged 79)...Fibrosing of the Lungs.

MARRIAGE: Russell Ginn on the Isle of Wight.

DIED: (Russell) 22 January 1996 (Aged 79)...Cancer.

DAUGHTERS: Margot - Joanna - Diana - Victoria - Adair

GRANDCHILDREN: Mark - Melanie - Mitchell - Angela - Roa - Joseph - Clyde - Eve - Mana - Hina - Rita

Ellinore Ellinore
Ellinore in her 20's or 30's.


1932 - 1934

Won the Silver Cup in Toronto Canada for Best Lead Actress in The Valiant.
Received a bursary for Drama Study in Great Britain.

Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre
The Devil's Disciple ....... Played: Mrs. Dudgeon
The Circle ....... Played The Lead: Elizabeth

Hart House Theatre in Toronto
One more River ....... Played: Jane
The Insect Play ....... Played: An Ant

1934 - 1936

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) London
Entered 14 August 1934 at the age of 19 and passed. Entrance fee was 1 Guinea per term. She also took classes in French - 2 Guineas extra. She was awarded the RADA Silver Medal in 1936.

1936 - 1940

Professional actress for CBC Toronto and studied with Lorne Greene for voice production.
Her voice was used for: Campbell of Khilmore ....... Played Morag Cameron
The Merton Family ....... Played: A child of 10
Lipton Tea ads - and many, many others.

Joined Detroit Comedy Players and toured United States
Stagedoor ....... Played: Terry
Candida ....... Played: Candida

Northampton Repertory Company
The Housemaster ....... Played: Buttons - (a twin)
Daddy Longlegs ....... Played: The girl
Mary Rose ....... Played: Mary Rose
A Doll's House ....... Played: Nora
Blithe Spirit ....... Played: Unknown

Pinewood Studios in Uxbridge

Ellinore Ellinore
Ellinore Ginn

1941 - 1947

Ambulance driver for St. John's Brigade - Croydon.
Decorated for 'valour-under-fire' by Admiral Evans of the 'Broke'.

Al Parker Ltd. Studios - London (Films)
A Matter of Life and Death ....... Played: An American Nurse
Green for Danger ....... Played: In crowd scene

Studied with Val Gielgud - Director of Drama.
Took part in readings for charity benefits and was official poetry reader for recordings to schools in India - arranged by Patric Dickinson.

Between November 1944 and May 1947 she broadcasted many different episodes from shows with her final one called 'America Singing' in 5 episodes.

Appeared in a play for 1 night at the Cripplegate Theatre in April 1945.

Heatherley's School of Fine Art
Studied: Interior Design and Theatre with Sir Frederick Whiting. Graduated with Honours.

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Ellinore at age 38 in 1947.


Arrived in New Zealand.


French for Love ....... Ellinore put this play on for the Titahi Bay Plunket Mother's Club. This led to the formation of the Titahi Bay Little Theatre, now called Porirua Little Theatre.

1951 - 1960

Helped on the Theatre Committee: Directed, acted, made scenery, props and paper mâché heads.

Ellinore Directed 5 MAJOR Productions:
1951 March - Hay Fever
1951 July - Gaslight ....... Played: Bella Manningham
1951 December - Racketty Packetty House ....... Played: The Princess
1952 June - Castle in the Air ....... David Tinkham played the lead.
1957 July - Back to Zero


Ellinore was made the First Life Member of the Titahi Bay Little Theatre at the AGM.

The 3 plays below were major ones that she acted in:
1957 May - Hiss the Villian ....... Played: Unknown
1959 April - An Ideal Husband ....... Played: Lady Gertrude Chiltern
1959 November - Ring Round the Moon ....... Played: Madame Desmermortes

1956 - 1958

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts
Our Dolls: ....... Pastels and Watercolours
Alex Lindsay (Minstrel Player): ....... Oils
The Barge Keeper: ....... Pastel
Canyon Ponies Sheltering: ....... Oil on Wood Panel


Rewrote Alice in Wonderland
Produced it as a Major show for the local Catholic Church in Titahi Bay.

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Ellinore Ginn


Studied painting with Paul Oldes for 4 years.

1969 - 1971

Opened The Old Rocking Chair Gallery in Titahi Bay.
Taught Art at Hartham Women's Centre and Mana College - Porirua.

1971 - 1980

Formed Red Cottage Gallery in Kelvin Grove, Wellington - and later in Waikanae.
Contributed paintings to help raise money for the Cancer Society.

1985 - 1986

Contributed paintings to Barnardos and Unicef for fund-raising.


Wrote Autobiography: Published by Daphne Brasell, Wellington - The Jug of Memories

1993 - 1994

Awarded the Q.S.M. in the New Years Honours List for Services to the Arts.
Has had over 44 Major Exhibitions.

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Flower  Ellinore  Flower
Ellinore Died: 24 May 1995


Died in May 1995 from Fibrosing of the lungs. There were 15 sad months of knowing she had it.
A Retrospective Exhibition was then held the following year after her death.


Mar 24 to June 23
On May 24 Page 90 Artspace Gallery , now known as Pataka Porirua, held a Major Retrospective Exhibition of Ellinore's paintings. It ran for one month - entitled: A Jug of Memories.

A Jug of Memories
79 Paintings and 6 Plates
The Plates were made by Marie Stephens of Wellington and Decorated by Ellinore.

To close the exhibition, everyone was then invited to a Soiree honouring Ellinor's life, so one and all dressed up in their beads, scarves, hats and lots of colour. Entertainment for the guests was provided by: 'Betty Fox and the Golden Girls.'

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