Ginn Descendants
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~ The "Ginn" Family Name Originated In Sligo - Ireland ~

The Ginn Family Coat of Arms traces its roots back to ancient times where it was carried onto the field of honour with chivalry to defend family, allies, King and Country.
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Note: This page has the Ginns, relating directly to our family, in red text.
For example: Our Father - 12th. Generation -
Russell Henry George Ginn

There are a few gaps which I hope to fill when information becomes available to me. I have not put in marriages etc. for all the children, only the ones relating directly to us, as they are quite extensive.

The abbreviations are as follows: (b) Born   (c) Christened   (m) Married   (d) Deceased   (bu) Buried
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12th. Generation
Russell Ginn Image
Our Father
Russell Ginn

  • Russell Henry George Ginn:
    (b) 23 November, 1916.
    Wellington, New Zealand
    (m) 26 January, 1946
    La Falaise Hotel, Ventnor,
    Isle of Wight
    (d) 22 January, 1996.
    Wellington, New Zealand
  • Jane Ellinore Stuart:
    (b) 4 August, 1915.
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    (d) 24 May, 1995.
    Titahi Bay, New Zealand
    (bu) Whenua Tapu Cemetery
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11th. Generation

George Alfred Ginn Image
Our Grandfather
George A. Ginn
  • George Alfred Ginn:
    (b) 17 September, 1874.
    Queenstown, Cork, Ireland
    (m) 26 December, 1914
    Dunedin - New Zealand
    (d) 18 May, 1926.
    Wellington, New Zealand
  • Ivy Fenwick (Anna) POPPELWELL:
    (b) 10 October, 1882.
    Dunedin, New Zealand
    (d) 18 January, 1971.
    Wellington, New Zealand
  • George and Ivy (Anna) had 1 child:
    1.  Russell Henry George Ginn
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10th. Generation
George William Ginn Image
Our Great Grandfather
George William Ginn & Family
1881. Strood, Kent, England

Photograph ( Left - Right )

George Alfred
Margaret Ginn (Hunt)
Anniss Margaret
Mary Arabella
George William
Florence Kate (Flossie)

Laurence and Albert were not in the photograph because they were not born until 1883 &1888 and Mary Adelaide was not, because she died in 1874.
  • George William Ginn:
    (b) 18 April, 1845.
    Greenwich, Kent, England
    (m) 5 December 1866.
    Queenstown, Cork, Ireland
    (d) 25 March, 1915.
    65 Danecroft Rd, Herne Hill, Surrey, England
  • Margaret HUNT:
    (b) 6 December, 1846.
    Greenwich, Kent, England
    (m) 5 December 1866. Queenstown, Cork, England
    (d) 22 January, 1913
    Gillingham, Kent, England
  • George William and Margaret had 7 children:
    1.  Anniss Margaret Ginn
    (b) 6 November, 1867. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland
    (m) 22 September, 1900. Cliftonville, Margate, Kent, England. Frank Gentry
    (d) 15 July, 1945. Farnborough, Kent

    2.  Florence Kate Ginn
    (b) 29 December, 1870. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland
    (d) 10 April, 1903. Gillingham, Kent, England

    3.  Mary Adelaide Ginn
    (b) 12 September, 1872. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland
    (d) 7 November,1874. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland

    4.  George Alfred Ginn

    (b) 17 September, 1874. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland
    (d) 18 May, 1926. Wellington, New Zealand

    5.  Mary Arabella Ginn
    (b) 1 August, 1879. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland
    (d) 28 December, 1889. Chatham, Kent, England

    6.  Albert Theo Ginn
    (b) 20 August, 1883. Medway, Kent, England
    (m) 15 September 1909. Lambeth, London, England. Elizabeth Mary Ann Goldsmith
    (d) 1972. Whitstable, Kent, England

    7.  Laurence Percival
    (b) 8 July, 1888. Chatham, Kent, England
    (m) 30 May 1915. Mildura, Australia. Daisy Jevero Midgley
    (d) 19 April, 1971. Mildura, Victoria, Australia (colon cancer)
( To view more photographs and information about George & Margaret Ginn - Click Here )

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9th. Generation
George Ginn - 3 Generations Image
Our Great-Great Grandfather
George Ginn & Family
Photograph Taken: 1857-1859

Photograph ( Left - Right )
Anniss Arabella - Our Great-Great Grandmother
Anniss Ann
Henry-Our Great-Great-Great Grandfather
George William - Our Great Grandfather
Maria Eliza Jane
George Ginn - Our Great-Great Grandfather
Alfred Durant

  • George Ginn:
    (b) 1822. Richmond, Surrey, England
    (m) 24 July, 1844
    Bermondsey, Surrey, England
    (d) 1895. Plumstead, Kent, England
  • Anniss Arabella MORLEY:
    (b) Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
    (c) 1 January, 1823
    Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
    (d) October 1896
    Plumstead, Kent, England
  • George and Anniss had 4 children:
    1.  George William
    (b) 18 April, 1845. Greenich, Kent
    (d) 25 March, 1915. Herne Hill, Surrey

    2.  Anniss Ann Ginn
    (b) April 1853. Greenwich, Kent, England
    (m) 27 June, 1877. Theophilus Charles Eamer
    (d) 12 January, 1922. Hampshire, London

    3.  Alfred Durant Ginn
    (b) January 1856. Deptford, Kent, England
    (m) 3 June, 1881. Croydon, Surrey, England. Louisa Baldy Roper
    (d) 7 October, 1932. Folkestone, Kent, England

    4.  Maria Eliza Jane Ginn
    (b) 1857/58. Rotherhithe, Surrey, Englad
    (m) 17 July, 1879. William Avis
    (d) October 1897. Lewisham, London, England
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8th. Generation

Henry Ginn Image
Our Great-Great-Great
Henry Ginn - Age 69
  • Henry Ginn: ....... Our Great-Great-Great Grandfather
    (b) 8 November, 1789. Soham, Cambridgeshire, England
    (c) 20 January, 1802, Soham, Cambridgeshire
    (m) 2 December, 1811. Southwark, Soham, Cambridgshire
    (d) 16 August, 1859. Deptford, Kent, England
  • Mary Ann DURANT:
    (b) 1787. Rotherhithe, Surrey

    (d) 6 December, 1861. Deptford, Kent, England

  • Henry and Ann had 7 children:
    1.  Henry Durant Ginn
    (b) 12 December, 1812. Bermondsey, Surrey, England
    (d) 1 January 1815. Horseleydown, Surrey, England

    2.  Francis Ginn
    (b) 15 August, 1814. Bermondsey, Surrey, England
    (d) 20 May, 1863. Chatham, Kent, England

    3.  William Ginn
    (b) 9 October 1817. Richmond, Surrey, England
    (d) 25 December, 1839. Deptford, Kent, England

    4.  Ann Ginn
    (b) 4 March, 1816. Richmond, Surrey, England
    (m) 20 May 1854. St James, Bermondy, England. Richard Stephen Morley
    (d) 24 August 1893. Medway, Kent, England
    5.  Henry Ginn
    (b) October 1821. Richmond, Surrey, England
    (d) October, 1891. Romford, Essex, England

    6.  George Ginn
    (b) 1822. Richmond, Surrey
    (m) 24 July 1844. Bermondsey, London. Annis Arabella Morley
    (d) 23 January, 1895. Plumstead, Kent

    7.  Eliza Harriet Ginn
    (b) 24 June, 1827
    (m) 31 January 1847. John Carr Orwin.
    (d) October 1907. Islington, London
    (c) 12 August, 1827. Deptford, Kent, England
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~ Continued ~
Ginn Descendants
7th - 1st Generations
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