Fantasy Paintings 

     Ellinore holding collage     

Who Killed Cock Robin?

This photograph of Ellinore was taken when she was 56. She is holding her first attempt at collage. There were many others to follow until she changed her style once again to more fantasy with birds, horses and dogs.

When we were children, we collected all the lovely bright wrappers off the easter eggs and then we helped mum stick the small pieces on to her paintings.


Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann Doll

The Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls came from Canada where Ellinore was born.
She loved them so much, that she painted them many times in different themes.

To Dream                                      Return To Me
             To Dream 1973                                                                  Return To Me 1983    

No Name 1983

Boy with Mosaics                                      Sisters
Boy With Mosaics 1986                                                                The Sisters            
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