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I Am A Proud Member Of:
Phenomenal Women 13/12/2003
You have been accepted into a very prestigious group of women on the internet, and in turn been given the "Phenomenal Women Of The Web" seal.

This is a membership into a very exclusive group of Women.
Again, Congratulations and welcome!!!!!!!
Nancy Imelda Schafer, Founder & CEO .....13 December 2003
(site now closed)

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Artsy Award 23/11/2003

You have been awarded the Gold award!
23 November 2003
(site now closed)

Web-Find Bronze 15/11/2003

Dear Margot
"Congratulations" Your website has been reviewed and you have won the Web-Find "Bronze Award"! New Zealands FREE Website Directory!
Web-Find Team .....15 November 2003
(site now closed)

Fantastic Award 10/11/2003Fantasy Award 10/11/2003

Your site was very interesting and I loved looking at all the artwork.
I am pleased to send you both the Fantasy Award and the Fantastic Award.
Tanya ...... 10 November 2003
(site now closed)

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Silver Award 25/8/2003
Congratulations, you are the winner of a silver Award !
Best regards, Jean-Luc Antoine ..... 26 October 2003
(site now closed)

Gold 25/8/2003
Hi Margot
After much consideration and discussion made, we have decided that your site is suitable to receive our highest award - Gold Awards. Indeed much effort has been put to come up with your design & work. Keep up the good work!
Thank you and do have a great weekend!
Regards Administrator ...... 25 October 2003

Phentermine MS Platinum Award

We are very pleased to be able to inform you that our judges have decided your web site more than deserves our award! Thank you for adding to the wealth of the Internet and thank you more for creating your web site in the first place.

The coveted PhMS Platinum Award for Internet Excellence is only given to web sites who have clearly provided either superior web design, superb content that enriches the Internet, or both.
Regards - Andrew Stevens, Web Award Editor ...... 4 July 2003
(site now closed)

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