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Neovision BRonze 18/12/2008
Thank you for submitting for the 2008 Gold Award. We enjoyed reviewing your website. We are presenting you with the Bronze Award. Your site is listed on our award page with a link....18 December, 2008

Thank you from the NEOVIZION, Inc. review department.

Lupe's Gold 3/12/2008
Dear friend Margot,
After visiting your website again I saw that it deserves the Gold Award, so you are receiving an upgrade
3 December 2008

Best regards
Lupércio Mundim

Phat Lady's Gold 17/8/2008

Dear Margot
You applied for one of our awards some time ago. So let me begin with a heartfelt apology for taking so long to get back with you. I had trouble receiving my email and then my mother became ill and died.

On a more positive note I finally checked out your web site and was quite impressed. I'm happy to give you the attached award for your site.....17 August 2008

Thank You
Awards Department

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Chameleon's Silver 15/8/2008

Dear Margot
Thank you for your interest in the "Chameleon's Eye Award". I have reviewed your site and I am pleased to announce your score has earned your site the Silver Chameleon's Eye Award. Your mother lived a rich full life, and you have done a nice job of sharing her charm and work with the rest of us.....15 August 2008

David Pickering Webmaster/Owner
Chameleon's Eye Award Program

AS Level 3.5
Diskus Level 3
FRI Level 3
AWARD Level 3.5
WebsAward Level 1

Nova Site!

Ellinore Ginn is honoured as Nova Site! on 6 August 2008

At lease one worthy site is selected monthly by the Brothers Grinn's through their online travel of awarded sites by rated award programs listed at Award Sites! So please take the time to see what it has been said about this Nova Site

Timelines Silver 28/6/2008

Dear Margot
Thank you for your interest in Timelines Award Program and inviting me to visit your site. We can see the improvements you have made since our last visit. Congratulations, your website NZ Fantasy Artist: Ellinore Ginn has won Timelines Silver Award of Excellence. Silver Award of Excellence winners have interesting content and excellent design, although some work could be done either in design,content or coding to reach gold...
28 June 2008

Kind regards
Webmaster Timelines Award Program

AS! 4.5 Prime Award Member
Level W3C Compliance
UWSAG rated Level 5
WA Level 5
AWARD rated Level 5

JerryD Bronze 15/6/2008

Hi and Congratulations!
Your site - NZ Fantasy Artist: Ellinore Ginn - has been accepted as a winner of JerryD's Bronze Award, Rated AS! 5.0. We were impressed with your site as a great contribution to the internet. Your site has nice graphics and wonderful navigation. Our awards are not easy to win so keep up the great work.
We hope you accept our award and link back to us if you wish, it is not a requirement, but would be appreciated.
Congratulations! again and have a nice day ......15 June 2008

Best Regards

AS! 5.0
AS! Hall Of Honor
Rated Elite 5 plus IWARA
Apex Membership Committee
Certified Evaluator IWARA
Certified Evaluator TOTW
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