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tiny dog

Kevin's Gold 26/4/2008

Hello Margot
After visiting your site I have no hesitation offering you my "Gold Award". As I was visiting your site, I could feel the warmth and affection that you had put into all the pages. You truly are a lovely person Margot.

I thank you for applying for my award, and I wish you all the very best from Wales.
26 April 2008


Casey's 2008 10/2/2008

Hello Margot

Our evaluators have now completed the review of your site submission. We are extremely proud to present your site with the Casey's Celtic Charm Bronze Award. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to review your work, the visit was most inspiring. Your effort and dedication shine throughout your pages. You are truly deserving of our highest accolades, and for making the World Wide Web a much better and nicer place for us all to visit.

Thank-you for your interest in our Awards Program and Congratulations on such a fine web site.
10 February 2008

Best Regards
Casey's Celtic Charm

Award sites Rated 5.0
World Top Award
Member Of APEX

Penmarric 2008 29/1/2008     HugsRus 2008 29/1/2008

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit your site You have a very nice site, easy to navigate, and covers a lot of information. Our criteria have been significantly tightened up since your last win, so a silver win is excellent.
I have voted for you with the UWSAG nomination program twice - once for each award program.
29 January 2008

Purrs Lin

AS! rated 3.0
UWSAG rated 2+
Websawards rated 1.0
Olymp-award rating 3.0
Eutoda rated 2.0
(Penmarric site closed)

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ArtSpace 2008 15/1/2008

Congratulations you have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for web site design, creativity, and ease of navigation. Keep up the good work.
You have obviously worked very hard investing your time, and skills into making a great web site.
15 January 2008

Art Space 2000 Awards Department

Lupe's Silver Award 19/11/2007

Hello Margot
Congratulations, your site received the Lupe's Awards' Silver Award for a very nice design, an excellent content and an easy navigation.
Well done!.... 19 November 2007

Best regards
Lup´┐Żrcio "Lupe" Mundim

Award Sites! rated 3.5
FRI Award Index rated 3.0
AWARD rated 4.0
APEX member

Puppet Award Excellence 29/10/2007

I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much and I am happy to give you my award. I am sending you my award as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work.
You do not have to link back, but it would be appreciated.... 29 October 2007

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Rufolfs Wander Award Gold 23/10/2007

Hello Margot
I have visited Your site three times and I decided, that you have earned my Rudolfs Wander-Award in Gold.
You earned 90 points for your page. You have a great site.
My congratulations.... 23 October 2007

Yours sincerely Rudolf
Rudolfs Wander Award Program

Award Sites Rated 3.0
UWSAG Rated 1+
WebsAwards Rated 1.0

Mond Award Silver 10/10/2007
Hello Margot
Thank you for your application for the MOON AWARD. After the evaluation of your website. It is an honor for me to award it with my MOON AWARD of SILVER

You are listed now on the winners page of the MOON AWARD program with a screenshot of your website including a backlink and a link to the laudation and your award. .... 10 October 2007

Congratulations from Jenny
and the team of the MOON AWARD program

Award Sites! Rated 3.0
UWSAG rated 2.0
WebsAwards 1.0
Diskus Award Index 2.0
Wsaptronic Award Index 2.0
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