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seagull Titahi Bay View  seagull
Titahi Bay
View of the beach from the house we lived in.
Photograph taken: 1995

House 1940s Beach 1940s
Rangi Marie
Our Family Home
Titahi Bay
Early view overlooking the beach.
The house was designed by our Grandmother - Anna Ginn.
Photographs taken: Early 1940's

Titahi Bay in 1950
A friendly village, noted for its hotel where the whalers of yesteryear took refuge. The cake shop (Rickards) the small but select boating club, the beautiful macrocarpa trees which lined the beach, the milkman, the nice people, and of course the gossipers who met at the local hairdresser's shop.

It was a 'villagy' town - no great housing had taken place, and there were not many people interested in the arts. It was mostly crayfishing, golfing or bridge - with television to come. The Bay was a quiet isolated resort with poor roads and few facilities.

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House 1995 Mana Island Sunset
Rangi Marie
The House as it was in 1995.
Mana Island
View of the sunset over the island.
Mana Island
Mana Island lies some 2.5 kilometres off the coast and covers an area roughly 2.5 kilometres by 1.2 kilometres. It is the most prominent physical feature associated with Titahi Bay. Legend has it that Te Awarua o Porirua, the taniwha who lives in Porirua harbour, caused Mana Island's distinctive shape. Mana Island is one of the oldest and best examples of a marine terrace in the Wellington area. The flat appearance of the island is due to its cliffs that are between 75 to 120 metres above the sea level.
Titahi Bay Beach
Titahi Bay
Looking towards the South end of the beach. c.1950's.
You can just see the 2 old bathing sheds on the far left.
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Bay Drive - c.1900 Titahi Bay Beach 1920
Bay Drive c.1916-1917
This photo shows the Cable house on the left. The Titahi Bay Club is on the rise above the beach. The daily tariff was 10/- and afternoon tea was 1/-. It was demolished in 1953. The road that curves to the right is Richard Street.
Beach and Bay Drive c.1916-1917
This photo was taken from the beach looking up to the Titahi Bay Club on the left, it had 14 guest bedrooms and a dining room. Bay Drive meanders upwards, the Post Office General Store is viewable on the left.
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Titahi Bay
Is situated at the bottom end of the North Island approx 20 K's away from the capital city of Wellington, New Zealand.

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