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Thanks to the judges for their time and for these Awards.
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Latest Awards Awards - Page 2 Awards - Page 3
Michael's - Silver Award
It's Wishcraft!!! - Merit
Humming Award - 2000
Silvana's Award of Excellence  
Oklahoma Gold-Web Excellence
Tristen's Diamond Award
OnArt Silver
Lots of love Award-Kimmy
Guardian of the Wolf
Jeff Hobrath-Art Studio Award
Jackie Capps-Design and content  
Rhinestone Award for Eye Candy
Best Fantasy Site 2000-Catt
The Poetry Award 2000-Catt
Outstanding Site 2000-Catt
Milennium Gold Excellence-Catt
Awards - Page 4 Awards - Page 5 Awards - Page 6
A Place of Beauty
Creativity Award-2000-Whisper
Outstanding Achievement-Whisper
Fabulous Fantasy 2000-Whisper
Orchid-Page Excellence
Art Space 2000
Art Space 2001
MadCool Inc - Bronze
TergesteSoft Web Excellence
Golden Web Award 2000-2001
Critical Mass Award
Creativity Award
Angells - Gold Web Excellence
Island Princess Award 2002
Creative Achievement -Whisper
Marleneann's Monthly Award  
Golden Web Award 2002 - 2003

Awards - Page 7 Awards - Page 8 Awards - Page 9
Curt's Wonderful Site Award
Seasons of Change - Bronze
Art Space 2003 
Specialty Gold 2003 - Catt
Catt's Award for Web Design  
Beautiful Site Award - Catt
Catt's Poetry Award
Golden Web Award 2003-2004
Phenomenal Women of the Web    
Artsy Award Gold - 2003
Web-Find Bronze Award
Fantastic Site - Sweet Dreams
Fantasy Award - Sweet Dreams
Artabus Silver Award
Site-awards Gold
PhMS Platinum
New Millennium Silver - 2004
MBEAP - International Silver
MBEAP - Literary
WhiteFeathers Merit Award
Speedy Adverts-Webmaster
Southern Nytes - Elegance
Art Space 2004

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Awards - Page 10 Awards - Page 11 Awards - Page 12
Alba's Clan Belt - SOTM
Rabbie's Gold and Poetry - 2004    
Mona Lisa select site Award
Spider Award Silver
Rose Award Bronze
Fun Tyme Merit Award
Lynx Silver Award
Lynx Silver Site of the Month
Lexi's Animation Bronze - 2005      
Art Space 2005
O.N.Z.C.D.A Bronze Award
The Fractal Star Merit Award
Michael's Bronze Award
Aloha Award - 2004
Angelic Whispers Award
Dance with Angels
CLL Merit Award 2006
Stormkeeper Excellence
Penmarric Bronze
Hug R Us - Bronze
Reach for the Stars - Bronze
Site of the Day - Alba Awards
TS Graves Bronze Award - 2005      
Pamela's Bronze Award
Awards - Page 13 Awards - Page 14 Awards - Page 15
Art Space 2006
Global Directories Silver
Panzy's Award
Katstorm website design
Crystal Award 2nd
Firestarter Award - Bronze
Firestarter Award - Artsite
Tim's Spider Award - Merit
Timelines Bronze Award - 2007
Lynx Site of the Month-Bronze
Nautical Award - Silver
Lynx Award - Bronze
Thomas Graves - Bronze
Pemaweb - Bronze
TimArt - Bronze
Fun Tyme - Bronze
Kevin's Gold - 2008
Casey's Celtic Charm - Bronze
Penmarric Silver Award - 2008
hugs R us - Silver
Lupe's Silver Award 2007
Puppet Award - Excellence
Rudolf's Wander Award - Gold
Mond Award - Silver
Awards - Page 16 Awards - Page 17 Awards - Page 18
O.N.Z.C.D.A - Silver - 2008
Tims' Spider Award - Silver
Peace & Harmony Bronze
Kit Award
Bent Bay - Bronze
Alice Pandora Bronze
Site-Awards - Gold
Neovision Bronze - 2008
Lupe's Gold
Phat Lady's Gold -
Chameleon's - Silver Award
Nova Site - August Award Sites
Timelines - Silver
Jerry D's Bronze
Mearnswood Excellence - 2009
Gadzillion Award
Purple Moon Silver
Diskus Award Silver
Internet Beacon Merit
Randal's Bronze 2008
Penmarric BOTB

Awards - Page 19 Awards - Page 20 Awards - Page 21
Casey's Celtic Charm Silver          
Mond Excellence - 2009
KISS Award
CLL Award - Silver
Phonix Award - Silver
Pamela's Award - Silver
Pelaqita Persians - Siver
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