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Jeff Hobrath Award 17/4/2000
(site now closed)

Design and Content Award 1/5/2000

Your website has won our award for design and content. You've done a wonderful job!
:-D .... Jackie Capps...�1 May 2000
(site now closed)

Rhinestone 24/5/2000Rating 4.5
Dear Margot
Our staff has performed a thorough review of your site. This decision is never an easy one, and although many sites apply, only a select few will win. After careful consideration, it is the panel's decision that your site has earned Manic Rhinestone Award for Eye Candy. Congratulations!

Wear your badge with pride, as this is not an easy award to win. Your site will appear in our list of Previous Winners within the next few days... good luck in the future!...

Erik Harlow Webmaster ...... 24 May 2000
(site now closed)

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Best Fantasy 1/8/2000

Oh, Margot...what a wonderful site you have..and your mother's work is fantastic, indeed. I truly enjoyed her poetry, too. You have done an excellent job of presenting her work with such love and care.

Looking at the photographs and just the general "feel" of your site put me in mind of one of my favorite singers, Carly Simon.....and all of her sisters and how talented her mother was....the unity, the talent...the care and love...the generations.
I loved the feel of your site. That is very special.

I am sending a plethora of awards....lol...and every one of them are so well-deserved. I enjoyed my visit with you and your family....your mother's work...and how success-full all of you are. She had to have beamed with pride with all of you. I am also sending along my very highest award....it is not shown on my site..it goes out to the very special places...and yours more than qualifies. Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful world of talent with me. I am very impressed with your site and your mother....for sure....

Take care..The Catt......1 August 2000
Cats rule.....dogs drool.
(site now closed)

Gold Award 1/8/2000Poetry Award 1/8/2000OS Award 1/8/2000

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