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Lexi's Bronze 10/6/2005

Your site is very easy to navigate, interesting and a nice design. Your site has been reviewed and we are pleased to offer you our award for a great site.
Best Wishes Di
Lexi's Animation Attic ......10 June 2005

Award Rated 3.0 AS!!     UWSAG 2.0     UWSAG Nominee   APEX Member
(site now closed)

I would like to take this time to personally congratulate you for having won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content.

Approximately three out of every ten sites win our web award, so you are in a very small group or outstanding web designers. It is always refreshing to visit a site as well done as yours. Keep up the good work.
Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space 2000.com. ...... 29 March 2005

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O.N.Z.C.D.A Bronze 19/1/2005

Dear Margot
Your web site NZ Fantasy Artist: Ellinore Ginn has achieved the O.N.Z.C.D.A Bronze Award and we offer your our congratulations. It is our pleasure to offer you our award for a web site we have watched go from strength to strength in overall design and content. All at O.N.Z.C.D.A thank you for providing for us most pleasurable visits.
Congratulations again and best wishes for the future.
Rhonda and Staff - O.N.Z.C.D.A. ......19 January 2005

I.W.A.R.A Elite 5.0+       WebsAwards 5.0       Award Sites! 5.0+
Olymp Award Index 5.0

Fractal Star Merit 2/1/2005
Dear Margot
After several visits to your site, our evaluators decided offering the Merit Fractal Star Award to "NZ Fantasy Artist: Ellinore Ginn". Congratulations! This award is given only to some few applicants. Your site means a good contribution to the Web community, and shows very interesting and informative content, openess and spirit of art.
We wish you a very Happy New Year! Our warmest regards,
Roberto Thomas Arruda and Maria da Gloria Arruda
The Fractal Star Award......2 January 2005

This Award is rated:
Award Sites! 4.       UWSAG 4.       AFA 4.       Palion Award Index 5.
Webs Awards 3.       Olymp Award Index 3.       Diskus Award Index Silver Seal.
(site now closed)

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Michael's award of Excellence 2/1/2005

A friendly hello to you Margot
I checked out your site many times and enjoyed it. Now the ranking for your site is fixed. Congratulations: your site scored 72 on the first shot - this means bronze !!! An interesting site with much information - for sure an important resource in the web for all interested visitors. Design, quality, content and function are o.k. - well done! Keep on with your good work and enjoy the award !
Greetings from Germany
Schwabenland - Michael's Sidhe......2 January 2005

Angelic Whispers Award 16/12/2004 Dance with Angels Award 16/12/2004

Dear Margot
Yourwebsite is an inspirational tribute to your beautifuland gifted mother. I am pleased to give you two awards, the To Dance with Angels Heart and Soul Award and the Angelic Whispers Award.
Best wishes, Linda Pendleton ......15 December 2004
(site now closed)

Aloha Award 31/8/2004

Your Web site has been reviewed by or staff of webmasters and unlike most of the sites submitted to us, you are a winner!! All of us agreed that you truly do have a interesting web site with quality content and design. The Aloha Award is not an easy award to win. That is why this award is seen so infrequently.
Congratulations and Aloha,
Kealoha, Leilani, Bruce and Steve
Hawaii City - Web masters .... 31 August 2004

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